Hi, I am Valentina,

a fully trained, qualified massage therapist with more than twenty years of experience.

About me

Professional Holistic Massage Terapist

I am a fully trained, qualified massage therapist with more than twenty years of experience. I have studied Bachelor and Master Degrees in Bulgaria and currently live and work in Santorini where I offer a wide range of massage treatments which promote relaxation, blood circulation, balance, rejuvenation and healing using specific hands-on techniques. Considering massage therapy both as an art and as a science, I have received proper education and professional training, in order to acquire the essential skills for treating each individual, their specific needs and wishes.

I have studied Classical Massage, General Massage, Muscular Massage, Conjunctive tissue Massage, Pressure point Massage, Segment-Reflex treatment, Periosteal Massage, Acupressure, Zone Therapy-Reflexology, Mobilization of peripheral joints, Aura-Energetic Massage, Bio- Holistic Massage, Rejuvenating treatment, Scalp- Face Acupressure, Yumeiho Therapy.

Based on a holistic approach to the body and mind, I use hands-on techniques, some tools (vacuum caps, bamboo sticks) and techniques from a variety of disciplines. I emphasize the ability of the body to enhance balance, renewal and overall healing. The sessions improve hormonal equilibrium, enhance blood circulation, promote mental well-being and normalize the body’s own metabolism naturally (homeostasis).

People groom daily, looking after their external appearance.
Massage treatment is like grooming from the inside, and if the inside is in good shape, it will shine through the outside too.

Let your beauty shine from within. 

Testimonials from a few of my clients

Love is the Poetry of the Senses!


"Valentina has amazing healing hands.
The reflexology was excellent! One of the best ever had!"

Emma Action

Asot, UK

"Fantastic Massage Valentina!
Thank you for your mighty heading hands!"


Boston, MA USA

"Incredible Holistic massage
Brilliant touch. real Professional.
Many Thanks!!!"


Melbourne, Australia

Valentina! Super job!
Thank you

Gabrif Hernandez

Puerto Rico

This was a wonderful treatment, highly recommedable! I feel like new!

Dominique Germans

Thank you for the beautiful massages.
If you move to Miami or visit the city contact us


Valentina you was simply magical. Our experience with you was an amazing one. You have a special quality and a sense of balance that radiates through your hands.
Thank you.

Donna a aij Yaari

From Miami

Great back massage

Paula Davis


Valentina we loved everything about Bulgaria but mostly we loved that your awesome massage made mom's trip so much better.

Thank you very, very much

The Sabga Family

Family, Trinitad